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Hey, I'll be on Haitus until futher notice. Between my laptop breaking, me being sick, and the DDOS attacks, I can honestly say I don't know the next time I'll post. Might be in two days, might be in two months. Maybe even longer.


㊣ History 101


I'm typing this at school.
So, I gotta go on a hiatus because our internet has broken. I don't even know why. (It might be fixed when I get home I hope). It was working last night. All I know it is crappy omg. Sorry.
㊣ History 101


soooo happy monday everyone.

Saturday was the most amazing thing ever. I spent it watching Buffy (we got netflix through the wii now i'm addicted omg) and eating junk food. And well my cousin got engaged. :D
㊣ History 101

I'm back~

My grade is a b+. plus my therapist told my mom I can use the computer and me getting a c- is no the end of the world.
㊣ History 101



My mom took away my computer privalages since I got two c-'s. D: I'm using a school computer atm. I'll see you guys when I get an A. Or a B. Which ever makes my mom happy. And my dad. I'll be on today cause its studyhall atm. see you.
㊣ History 101


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